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A successful Yelverton based branch working with Raymond James Investment Services Ltd. We speak to Barry Bennett about his past, his business, his family, and the future…

Just five minutes into a conversation with Barry Bennett, and we already understand how important the family is to the continued growth and future success at the family business. Based in a bright office in Yelverton on the beautiful Moors, the whole family help him run their bespoke Private Client Investment Management and Financial Planning business with the back-office regulatory, research, IT and compliance support provided by Raymond James Investment Services Ltd.

At the core of their philosophy and their purpose is looking after their private clients, small businesses, charities and trusts to consistently earn more from their investments.

Barry explains: “We combine personal, tailored bespoke, integrated financial planning with quality, blended, global, ‘total return’, diversified ‘in house’ investment management service to align our client’s money with the outcomes they are seeking for an ‘off-the-peg price’”.

Barry is finding that “increasing the clients’ retirement income is the most common theme at present in an environment where deposits interest rates are lower than ever.” This is now their target market and the current area of greatest demand of enquiries for their services from those individuals either planning for or already in retirement.

The core investment outcomes they provide for these clients in retirement are driven by 3 investment priorities to provide outcomes which:

• Monthly pay out on 5% per annum income of assets held
• Preserve capital value over the long term
• Look to grow capital value over the long term to hedge against long-term inflation

The essential part of their process is their friendly ongoing client engagement which they find helps their clients evolve greater confidence to what is possible with their money.

Barry says about an often ‘hidden benefit’ on the added value of professional advice is that: “Interestingly we have found from client feedback a positive intangible beneficial side-effect is a significant improvement in the general ‘peace of mind’ and ‘sense of well-being’ in their attitude and confidence towards their own money. Surprisingly this contrasts with their earlier feelings which were an odd combination of concern, uncertainty, mystery, worry and even with some elements of guilt with their attitude towards their own money in that they suspected and felt that they were not making the best use of their own money in terms of their outcomes and the impact on their own ‘quality of life’.”

Hence they are continually looking to meet and advise discerning individuals who are serious about seeking improvement in their ‘quality of life’ in putting in place a ‘Way Forward’ with a long term strategic plan to optimise their money to align with their chosen outcomes.

Barry is well experienced and qualified to offer professional advice being both a Chartered Financial Planner, the industry “gold” standard, a Stockbroker (aka “The Dartmoor Stockbroker”) and a Chartered Wealth Manager. He is a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society as well as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments.

Simon, Barry’s elder son, with a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering (Bath), has also qualified as a Financial Planner, Stockbroker and Wealth Manager and Henry, Simon’s younger brother, is also gaining practical business experience with the intention of following this same path over the next few years following on from his 3 years in London in gaining his Financial Services Bachelor’s degree.

Barry has an interesting and varied past. He served in the British Army as a Royal Engineer Officer for 20 years leaving after the 1st Gulf War in 1993. He was privileged to have served with 59 Independent Commando Engineer Squadron RE as a green beret which first brought him to Plymouth where he met his wife Karen and Headquarters 5 Airborne Brigade as a red beret. He commanded 57 Training Squadron RE; 131 Independent Commando Squadron RE(V) and 1st Field Squadron RE. Barry was educated at Welbeck College; RMA Sandhurst; Queens’ College, Cambridge where he obtained a Master of Arts in Engineering; a Cambridge Blue (cricket); and skippered Cambridge LX Freshers Rugby. He captained the Army and Combined Services at cricket. However, he considers his major accomplishment has been being fortunate to have been married to Karen for now almost 30 years and having 3 children, Simon, Natasha & Henry. Barry and Karen have lived locally in Yelverton since 1993 from where he has been in Financial Services running his own businesses for 23 years.

On Tuesday 27th September 2016, Barry and his family are hosting their flagship marketing event for 2016 with a seminar called ‘The Value of Professional Financial Advice’ at Dartmoor Zoo. Barry and Simon will be joined by supporting presenters Ross Lamacraft of Woodford Investment Management who will give an overall Macroeconomic update, and Trevor Sayce of Henderson investment Trusts, to speak about the power of long-term increasing dividend income and total return investing.

Natasha, Barry’s daughter, and Marketing Manager, explains: “We like to choose and support interesting local “jewel” locations like The Dartmoor Zoo. This has now become part of a series, the theme we call ‘Moor from the City’ of annual marketing events previously holding successful seminars to coincide when the “new” Rembrandt was exhibited at Buckland Abbey in 2014 and in 2015 at the beautiful Garden House, Buckland Monachorum. These events have a dual purpose of acting as ‘an existing client appreciation and update day’ as well as promoting ourselves to new potential clients and local fellow professional connections. Once again we have an excellent response to this fun and informative event with already more than 80 guests confirmed to be in attendance. The ‘day out’ also includes a guided Zoo tour; a Falconry Display and a buffet lunch.”

Barry and Simon offer a free initial consultation without obligation to see if we might be able to be of help individuals seeking better outcomes with their money.

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